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The Power of Vulnerability

When on scene of a motor vehicle collision (MVC), after Fire/EMS has mitigated any hazards and sent all injured people to the proper hospitals and clears the scene, who's left on scene?  The police department or DPS.  Now, if there are a few people standing around who were eyewitnesses, would the officer just take one person's report and tell the other one, "Look, I know you were on the other side of the street and saw the collision from a different angle, but I only want this person's report.  Thank you."?  It's hard to believe that officer would completely disregard that other eyewitnesses report, isn't it?  Yet we as individuals do this all the time.  We ignore someone else's perspective on an issue we may be facing.  Be it pride or shame or pure ignorance, we do this more often than we should.

I have found myself, out of stubbornness, in situations where I have ignored a person's perspective because I felt it didn't serve me.  How ironic is that?  MORE knowledge/a new viewpoint wouldn't serve me?  How hurtful is that?  It's very humbling (and often painful) to come to the realization that ego has yet again gotten in the way.

Brene Brown TED Talk on Vulnerability

Brene Brown talks about the power of vulnerability in her very popular TED Talk.  I love how she speaks about expanding perception, that life is messy, that we should focus on what's important.  But what IS "important"?  What's important to YOU?  Connection?  Worthiness?  Love?  Belonging?  Dr. Brown speaks about all of these elements of what's important in this very candid and personal talk.  I hope you come away inspired to be more courageous, more compassionate, and more connected to others.  It requires a great deal of vulnerability...and a great deal of courage.

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