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Nothing But Love Notes

A few months back I was shopping at the grocery store.  I came out to my truck to find that there had been a note left in the window.  "Great..."  I thought.  "Someone hit my vehicle and left a note."  But, resorting to my 3+ rule (where if I find myself experiencing something negative, I immediately think of three positives to replace and overpower it) I thought to myself, "Well, at least they left a note."  As I got closer to my truck I could read what was written on the envelope:

I looked around as if I was on some hidden-camera show.  I pulled the envelope off my window, put my groceries in my truck and climbed in.  I took a few minutes with the note in my hand, just looking at it, confused.  Again, I looked around as if I was the victim of some kind of strange prank.  Then I opened it...

I was really taken aback by quite literally.  I felt pushed back out of everything that was going on around me and allowed a moment to receive someone's pure unselfish and humble gratitude.  I went on to look up Natalie's blog (#NothingButLoveNotes) and was deeply moved by her inspiration and her stories of sharing her genuine love for others around the valley.  She is a leader of love in our community. Unsung.  Humble.  Genuine.

There are too few instances where love shines through.  I hope that I can show people the love I have for them, the way Natalie inspires others to do, if only for a moment.

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