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These training sessions are geared specifically toward completing the tasks required to pass the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), the physical test required to get hired (or even test) with a fire service agency.


It will be intensive and focused and WELL worth it! You will feel extremely prepared for a test that is pass/fail.

This is a very physically demanding part of testing to become a firefighter.  It requires great strength and endurance.  Working together, we can get you to where it's a walk in the park!

CPAT Events

(in order)

You will be required to wear a weighted vest (45lb), a helmet, and gloves for the duration of the test.

  1. Stair Climb - you will spend your first three minutes of the CPAT here.

  2. Hose Drag

  3. Equipment Carry

  4. Ladder Raise and Extension

  5. Forcible Entry

  6. Search

  7. Rescue

  8. Ceiling Breach & Pull


You have a total of 10 minutes, 50 seconds to complete this test.​

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