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In order to effectively fulfill our roles as professional firefighters, we must first focus on ourselves. Join me and others and together we will light the spark, stoke the flame, and then pass the torch.

"Civilize the mind, but make savage the body."

- Samurai Proverb


ryan rodriquez

It was my dream to become a firefighter/paramedic and join the brotherhood of men and women that put their lives on the line to help others in need.  I've lived and worked for 18 years as a professional firefighter and have learned a lot about what it takes to maintain physical and mental health while sustaining a healthy balance in my personal and professional life.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of my brothers and sisters who are finding it more difficult to manage their physical and mental health.  In 2017, firefighter and first-responder suicides surpassed line of duty deaths (LODDs) for the first time ever.  This devastating news has revealed that we have a very real problem within the fire service community and it MUST not be ignored!

IGNITEd is a brotherhood of firefighters who challenge the status quo through self-improvement and accountability.  Our working environments must be positively influenced and in order to improve them, we must first improve ourselves.

The IGNITEd Firefighter Podcast is a way to shed light on the issues facing us today as well as provide some strategies to help manage those challenges. We become stronger as we build each other, but we must first make sure that we are taking care of ourselves.  Otherwise, we can't take care of those we are sworn to serve.

It's time to OWN IT when it comes to our physical and mental health as well as how we treat each other within our organizations!

About Ignited



For those of you looking to civilize your minds and make savage your bodies, I can provide a variety of techniques to customize a plan that will work best for you!  Working together, we will reach your goals!  Click below to read about the different services I offer!

(in-person fitness services available in Phoenix-metro area only)
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"Ryan has been a great support and mentor to me in my new role in leadership. He has guided me through some very difficult decisions and helped me to formulate new and effective solutions to motivate and build my team. Thank you Ryan!"

Alex, 2018

"Ryan has helped me accomplish things I didn't think I could."

Kim, 2017

"With his coaching and insight, I was able to refine my mind and body to a point where I felt confident testing with a fire department."

Tyler, 2017

ryan rodriquez
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